Online shopping: How do I know what will look good on me?

For some of us buying clothes in a store, whether in boy or gurl mode is a thrill, however it isn’t always practical, particularly if you are trying keep your crossdressing proclivities on the down low.  Online is the next best alternative, however it has its challenges.  This is the first in a series of articles that will discuss these challenges and suggest ways to avoid or deal with them.

How do I know what will look good on me?

This is probably the biggest issue for those just starting out. I would suggest you start with a cheap store (Target or Walmart), while you won’t necessarily find the latest styles they are relatively cheap so you may be able to afford to buy several different cuts/styles to try on at home, and then return the rest to your local store, just tell them you are returning them for your girlfriend Winking smile. Once you get a feel for your size and style my favorite online shopping place is Amazon (the CD Lounge Store has some of my favorite styles).

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Feminizing your look

Finding a dress that suits all figures isn’t always easy so here are some tips for any figure to find the perfect sexy dress for a night in or out. It can be difficult to tell which dresses work for your figure so here are some tips when your shopping.

1. If you have broad shoulders its best to wear longer sleeves, at least 3 quarter sleeves it helps cover your shoulders and stream line your look.

2. If you have a fuller figure wear darker colors as they are slimming.

3. Wear pantyhose especially the type with tummy control like spanx for a sleeker look.

4. If you have thicker hips you can minimize them by wearing A-line skirts & dresses. The A-line cut slim at the hips and flare out at the knee, which makes hips appear smaller and more feminine. [Read more…]

Hey gurl whats your size

Finding your size and trying to convert men’s sizing to women’s can seem daunting, but it’s easier than you think. The best option would be to try it on in the store, but realistically that isn’t always an option. If you are new to cross dressing or are still confused by the conversions, I am going to break them down and simplify them for you to cut out the confusion and hopefully make shopping a little easier. [Read more…]

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